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Williams Research Group

Biological Chemistry Research in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

The Williams laboratory research interests focus on natural products synthesis for biomechanistic and biosynthetic problems, with an emphasis on antitumor and antimicrobial antibiotics.

The Williams laboratory studies the synthesis of select natural products of biomedical significance and the  development of synthetic methodology for the construction of complex, biologically intriguing molecules. Total synthesis technology platforms, deploying new methodology in the area of asymmetric synthesis of alpha-amino acids in particular, are harnessed to investigate the mechanism of action of anti-tumor agents, antibiotics and substances that effect other critical cellular processes. In addition, total synthesis is deployed to elucidate the biogenesis of natural compounds of biomedical relevance in plants, fungi and both marine and terrestrial microorganisms.

Robert M. Williams, Ph.D

University Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemistry

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado 80523

Phone 970.491.6747